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Seller FAQ

Selling your home, whether it is your first, second, or third time, there are often many questions you want answered. We've put together the core questions most sellers have during this process. 

What are the benefits of using a real estate agent?

A Realtor is there to protect and represent the best interests of their client. They can advise and negotiate for their respective clients to ensure that their client ends up with the best price, conditions and terms for the transaction.

Should I buy or sell first?

We believe in always selling your house first before you buy. This money saving tactic will allow you to refuse low-ball offers without having the pressure of finalizing a purchase of another home. Furthermore, you will not run the finanial risk of owning two properties at the same time. If buyers find out that you have bought another home, they might think you are under pressure to sell quickly and offer you less money. 

Why can't I buy "Subject to the Sale" of my exisiting home?

Put yourself back in the seller's shoes. Imagine receiving an offer on your own house, with a "subject to the sale" clause attached. As your selling agents, we would  advise you to reject the offer, because if your house is conditionally sold, the house becomes less appealing to other agents and their qualified buyers, causing them to forego a viewing.  As a seller, you want a final sale on your property so you can make your own plans. Even if there was a "24 or 48 hour clause", we would advise you to reject the offer. In today's busy market, it is simply not necessary for a seller to accept an offer with a "subject to sale" clause attached.

What if I can't sell my home right away?

Each year, hundreds of families move to Winnipeg with less than a week to find a home. These days, it's a Sellers Market meaning there is more demand than availability, giving you the advantage to sell your home above industry averages. While you are looking for a new home, ensure you give yourself a long possession date on the selling of your property to give yourself ample time to find a new home to love and live in. 

Let's Get Started!

Ready to begin the selling process? Ask us a question and we'll review your needs and help you get the most for your home for sale!

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