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Keough & Colleagues Testimonials

When a company hires any employee, they always check their references. We want you to see our service, expertise, and experience in our references as well. Here are some of things our clients are saying about Keough & Colleagues. 

Kris, I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude in your help in selling my house.  You were very patient and supportive, and your good humor eased my anxiety.  Your sincerity and hard work made everything so much more helpful.  Joyce M.

Kris & Lori ~ Thank you for being attentive to our needs when we bought & sold our home.  Your understanding, knowledge & professionalism were excellent.  Your marketing skills Are most valuable as our agent. We would definitely recommend and use you again.  Karen & Kevin E.

We couldn't have done it without Kris! He was always available, not only to show us houses, but to answer any questions we had throughout the process of buying our first home. Overall he was EXCELLENT. Jody L. & Brent A.

"I had a great experience, felt very confident in the agent working for me (the buyer), Kris was excellent. His overall knowledge, understanding of the market and professionalisn was excellent!" Liz M.
"Lynda represented us during the sale of our condo and she was Excellent. She marketed our condo as promised and she was very professional and understood the market conditions. Selling and moving is very stressful, but Lynda handled everything so well that we got through it smoothly and comfortably. We would highly recommend to family and friends." David & Edith B.
"We purchased a home with Lynda and her knowledge, understanding, feedback, professionalism and her guidance were excellent. She offered us some great advice and we would highly recommend. Lynda's expertise helped us learn important details about the house we wanted to buy and her advice in writing the offer, saved us thousands of dollars during the transaction. Thanks Lynda! Jen & Chris S.
"We found that our agent was excellent in knowing the market conditions, understanding our requirements and professionalism. We had used Kris in the past, and Lynda helped us find our home. Finding a house with Lynda was a pleasure and she knows her stuff, she is easy to deal with. We would highly recommend the both of you and would use your services again!" Rej & Fran D.
"We heard about RE/MAX through word of mouth and listed my home with Lynda because I was referred to her. She understood my requirements, was knowledgeable about my neighbourhood, she looked out for my best interest and I was very satisfied with her negotiating skills. I would use RE/MAX again and would recommend my agent to friends and relatives. Keep up the good work!" Elda M.
" I sold my house with Lynda before, and she was the best. I heard she was the best from a friend, I will use her again and have been referring her to friends and relatives. It was more the agent that I was picking, but was very happy that she was with a reputable company like RE/MAX". Sheri H. & Brad G.
"We thought Kris had our needs met and that he was very helpful and understanding. He did not make us feel stupid with any questions, which meant alot to us during our first home buying experience. We would recommend and use Kris and RE/MAX again." Heather H. & Rob D.
 "Lynda had all the answers and informaton to myquestions that I needed...she has good customer service and a nice personality. We choose her because we heard good things about her and RE/MAX...." Unaiza & Asif M.
 "We were very satisfied with the overall process, from understanding our requirements to the ongoing feedback we got from Lynda. We would highly recommend her because of her personality and professionalism. All we can say is, keep up the good work!" The Pullano's
 "We are happy Lynda was totally honest about things, like de-cluttering and re-painting. Some people might get offended, but keep that up! She is professional, knowledgeable, looked out for our best interest, has integrity, and strong negotiating skills. If we move back to Winnipeg, we will use Lynda again." The Spicer's
 "Lynda was extremely professional and we were very satisfied with the results, We would definitely use RE/MAX again and would highly recommend her to friends and family. Lynda did a great job and was always available when we needed her. Paulette L & Rod H.
"Kris kept us well informed....good work Kris, we are very pleased with all your efforts!" Carol S.B.
 "Kris and Lynda are No.1, they displayed excellent professionalism and negotiating skills. Taking everything into account, I couldn't have asked for anything better. I would highly recommend. Their actions were swift and efficient, thanks again!" Phil R..
 "Lynda keep your friendly, understanding approach in dealing with your clients...it's true you are professional and easy to communicate with. Heather & Allan G.
 "We originally considered Comfree and we were very satisfied that we considered Lynda as our agent, we appreciated her help and the extra efforts, she was thorough and a great communicator. It was all about the agent when we listed our house not just the company name." Chris & Shannon F.
"I choose Lynda as my agent because she sent me a information pamphlet in the mail. She was understanding to my needs, professional and I felt she looked out for my best interest". 
Norma W.
 "Thanks so much for all your help and efforts in selling our house". Pat N.
 "I was very satisfied with Lynda being my agent, and when I decided to sell my home, I knew who I wanted. I will highly recommend to my friends and family." Andrea S.
 "Thank you so much for making the sale of our home so painless. Your hard work and great effort on our behalf is really appreciated." Les & Betty S.
 "Jason and I wanted to extend our thanks to you and Kris both, you were both so very helpful in this whole process...we don't know if we would've got through it without you. Thanks!" Christy & Jason M.
 "I was very satisfied by the professionalism and negotiating skills displayed and would definitely recommend to family and friends." Jennifer W.
 "Lynda and Kris were great! It was Lynda and Kris I wanted to use, regardless of the realty company that they work for, they look out for your best interest." Nicole G.
 "...you made me fell that I was in the hands of a professional who was reliable and completely trustworthy...you continued to conduct yourself in a completely professional manner, keeping me up to date whenever there was a bit of progress...thank you for your optimistic outlook and for all the promises you kept...I appreciate your professionalism, great integrity, wonderful character and humanity." Diane D.
 "We were very satisfied with Kris's real estate skills, we were impressed with him when he wrote an offer on a house he was selling. We used RE/MAX because we felt it was a name we could trust. Kris keep up the good work! Brian & Donna-Lee
 "Kris, Thank you for a job well done!" Brad M. & Marilyn T.
 "Thank you very much for all of your help making the transition of selling the house so smooth. Thanks again." David H.
 "Lynda is very professional, very thorough, I would definitly use her again and would highly recommend her!...I was very satified with the overall process." Phyllis S.
 "I was recommended to use Lynda and I was very impressed with her knowledge of what to look for in the older (character) homes we looked at, her knowledge of the market, and how easy it was to work with her." Mike M.
"...very professional...went the extra mile...very understanding to our specific requirements..." Drew & Camilla B.
 "When we decided to list our condo we interviewed other agents, but choose them particularly for their knowledge of the West Country Village properties. We were extremely happy with the service they provided and would highly recommend them." Bob & Jackie M.
 "They displayed professionalism, looked out for my best interest, received ongoing feedback and choose them for their reputation..." Wade S.
 "Our daughter received good service from Lynda, so we sought her help in our sale. Our investment property sold in days for the asking price. We are very happy!" 
Peter & Rosalind H.
 "I particularly choose Kris as my agent because of his trust...taking all things into account I am very satisfied..." Morgan K.
 "...I had positive vibes about using Kris...keep up the good work!" Glenn & Karen M.
 "We found them to be very conscientious, understanding, and knowledgeable". Peggy & Jim T.
 "I was very satisfied how the agent understood my requirements. I found Kris to be professional, and am very pleased with his negotiating skills." Tyrone S.
 "It was very important for me to choose a RE/MAX agent such as Lynda when I decided to sell my home, she's great. I would highly recommend her as an agent and would use her again in the future. Overall I was very satisfied." Susan M.
"I choose Lynda because she is the most knowledgeable agent for West Country Village condos she is very knowledgeable about the neighbourhood. I would recommend her to friends and relatives..." Al H.
"We were very satisfied with Lynda as our realtor, she understood our specific requirements, and we felt she look out for our best interest. We would highly recommend her." 
Ron & Elza W.
"Kris was recommended by a co-worker who had used him for her purchase. He was very accommodating to our wishes...it was his integrity and approach that was most important..." 
Elaine & Bill U.
"I am not sure it is possible for me to express just how appreciative and grateful I am for your help and support. Thank you for all your help and for guiding me through the paperwork & the process...and thank you for being so kind, it has certainly not gone unnoticed...." Ryan K.
"We were very satisfied with Lynda's overall transaction. We had used her 3 years ago when we purchased and was satisfied then. We choose Lynda and RE/MAX because of their reputation, we would use her again and would recommend". Mo & Kara S.
"I choose Lynda as my agent because she sent me a information pamphlet in the mail. She was understanding to my needs, professional and I felt she looked out for my best interest". 
Norma W.
"...you are great...Lynda was recommended by a friend. She was flexible, she came and met me at my friends house in the evening. I'd work with Lynda no matter who she worked for....." Pat B.
"Our agent Kris was very knowledgeable, showed professionalism, understood our needs and we felt he strongly looked out for our interest. We would higlhly recommend to family and friends." Jason & Kim B.
"...Kris understood my specific requirements, he was professional and I was very pleased with the ongoing feedback I received. Keep up the good work...." Stephen M.
 " Lynda was our agent when we purchased our house 7 years ago, we were very satisfied then, she kept in touch with us over the years and that is why we chose her this time. Great communication throughout the process, thank you..." Rene & Margaret B.
 "I worked with both Kris and Lynda and I was attracted to their knowledge of West Country Village condos. Using RE/MAX was important, but it was Kris and Lynda's knowledge that made up my mind. I would highly recommend to family and friends." Donna M.
"We moved to Winnipeg from Alberta and when we decided to buy we were referred to RE/MAX and Kris. Kris was understanding, professional, he looked out for our best interest, we were very satisfied with his negotiating skills and feedback. We would definitely use Kris again and would highly recommend. Keep up the good work...." Colleen & Darryl C.
" Edith and I want to thank you very much for all of your help and hard work...from the beginning through the end, you were supportive and professional in advising us on what needed to be done and in handling the transaction. We could not have asked for a better agent to guide us through the process. It was also a great pleasure to deal with Kris, his cheerful and positive personality was refreshing and we appreciate his straight-forward dealing on the sale. You two make a great team? David & Edith B.
"We were very satisfied with your understanding of our specific requirements, your professionalism and negotiating skills...we would use RE/MAX again and will recommend to friends and relatives. Using RE/MAX was relatively important, but the agent was our primary consideration. Lawrence G.
"...We just love Kris!...we had used him previously, that's why we choose him again. It was important to us to use Kris and RE/MAX, because of their proven results...thank you once again for all of your patience, kindness and thoughtfulness. We were blessed to have you on our side." Juan & Delanie C.
"Our suggestion to Kris is to never change, you are unreal. We liked Kris because he didn't try to be someone he wasn't. He understood our requirements and he displayed professionalism. We were very satisfied with the process and would absolutley use Kris and RE/MAX again!" Laura S. & Grant C.
"I particularly choose Kris & Lynda as my agent, because of their reputation and I would highly recommend them to my friends and family!" Kari-Lynne M.
"We were both overall very satisfied with Kris as our agent. His assistant Lori was also excellent. We would highly recommend." Jim & Jean C.
"When I sold my condo I didn't bother interviewing other agents, because I already had a personal relationship with Lynda. I was very satisfied with the process and want to say, keep doing what you are doing." Bill & Nina M.
"My friend recommended Kris to me...I was very satisfied with his negotiating skills...I strongly felt he was looking out for my best interest. I would use RE/MAX again and will recommend Kris to friends and relatives". Janis W.
"We choose Kris & Lynda to sell our condo because of their relevant knowledge of the condo complex and their good reputation. We were very satisfied overall with their performance. Les & Claire C.
"We used Lynda as our agent, because we knew she was successful. It was important to use a well known company, however the agent being "right" was more important. If the opportunity arises, we will use Lynda again." Rob & Anne R.
"...the RE/MAX name was important to us when we chose our agent, because I know that RE/MAX agents are reliable, successful and get the job done, but the person is also important, and Lynda was the person for us! Thank you so much Lynda!" Tiffany & Ken R.
"David and I were very satisfied with Lynda's professionalism, understanding and interest. She is excellent at what she does, we would highly recommend to friends and family." Amanda & David T.
"...choosing Kris as our agent was more important than the company he works for..." Art & Carolyn S.
"Lynda was recommended by a friend, we had worked with other agents previously and chose to try Lynda and we were pleased. Thank you for all your hard work and assistance!!" Taavo & Arwen S.
" Kris & Lori, I just wanted to thank you so much for the excellent job you both did on selling our house, we so appreciate all your hard work and the fantastic results! You both are the best, and we're so thankful we chose you to sell our house. We will definitely recommend you Kris to anyone we know who plans to sell. Jackie & Glen M.
"Ryan and I were extremely satisfied with Lynda's results. We are very happy with everything you have done for us!. You are professional, smart, knowledgeable, nice and efficient!" Ryan & Anita Y.

"We'd like to thank you very much for inviting us to your customer appreciation dinner. Supper was great and it's really nice to continue to be valued as a customer. We also want to let you know that we love being homeowners! We've painted and are working on updating the bathroom and have put in a garden. Thank you for helping us buy our first home." Tomasin & Heath.



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